Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What's so special about Java 'Mustang' ?

Sun Microsystems latest Java version is JSE6 (Java Platform, Standard Edition 6), code named "Project Mustang."

Expanded scripting language and Web services support:
Java SE 6 software is clearly emerging as the next-generation platform for Web 2.0 applications and services.
JSE6 software includes a new framework for scripting languages, such as PHP and JavaScript technology, which should make JSE easier to use with those languages.

The new JavaScript engine and javax.script API are based on the Mozilla Foundation's open-source Rhino implementation of JavaScript.

The new JSE6 also provides expanded tools for diagnosing, managing and monitoring applications. This includes better support for Sun's DTrace, open-source dynamic tracing framework for Solaris, and tool interface updates for JVMs (Java virtual machine) and the JDBA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture).

Sun has also tried to improve JSE's integration with the desktop in this edition. The company claims that with tighter integration with native desktop facilities, Java applications will be better able to emulate native platform look and feel, text printing, drag-and-drop capabilities and table display and manipulation.

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